Natural brown coloring

Essential clean label ingredients for natural brown coloring

When you need to bring out the taste and color without resorting to isolated colorings – Herbarom is always the product of choice. The apple extract is derived from harvest-fresh de-juiced and dried apples. The simple handling and high stability make it an ideal alternative to standard colorings for high quality food. The apple extract has a consumer friendly image meeting the clean labelling trend. The slight sweetness will also contribute to rounding of the flavor profile. Its main application is in savory products and beverages, but experience its functionality also in confectionery products.

Product characteristics:

  • Liquid apple extract
  • Fruity flavor
  • Color spectrum from light gold to deep brown depending on the dosage
  • Differing color intensities
  • Ph-value approx. 4.0
  • Density ca. 1.3 g/ml
  • Sugar content:
    • Herbarom AF 03, AF 06, and AF 12 approx. 40 %
    • Sugar reduced type as powder and liquid available
    • Sugar reduced type Herbarom AF 24 SR

Related applications

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