Herbstreith & Fox, Inc. in Elmsford, New York

Your local partner in the US

Herbstreith & Fox Inc. is part of the H&F Group. With companies such as Herbstreith & Fox GmbH & Co. KG and Herbafood Ingredients GmbH in our organization, the H&F Group is renowned across the globe for its proven product portfolios that deliver outstanding functional properties, excellent quality and innovative applications concepts.

From our US headquarters in Elmsford, New York, we distribute highly specialized pectins from apple and citrus fruits from Herbstreith & Fox as well as multifunctional fibers and apple extracts from Herbafood Ingredients. We operate several warehouses in the United States that enables us to service our customers everywhere in U.S. within short time, enhancing just-in-time deliveries for cost effective inventory management. As your partner we support innovation and projects in all application areas at our own facilities and on-site.

H&F Group – Tradition and modern know-how

The continually growing H&F Group is headquartered in Germany located in the northern part of the Black Forest. The core expertise of the H&F Group is the production of high-quality pectin variants as well as an extensive range of multifunctional dietary fibers derived from fruits and vegetables for the food and non-food industries. Learn more www.h-f.group  

Corporate responsibility

This is much more than only a contemporary catchword in the H&F Group. At the family-owned business Herbstreith & Fox, social, ecological and economic responsibility has always been anchored in its corporate policies and has been an integral part of management’s philosophy for generations. We do not stand still. We meet challenges and realize future-oriented projects.

Ecological: When we assure our customers quality and product safety, this also entails taking a responsible approach to the environment. We use our resources sparingly and are continually improving our added value in the interests of securing a viable future for generations to come.

Economic: Only a economically successful company can offer its employees job security in the future and fulfil its social responsibility. We work with our customers and suppliers in a fair and partnership-based manner. The quality of the products and processes is objectively ensured by having them undergo certifications and conducting client and supplier audits. The focus of our actions is always on our clients, which contributes significantly to the company’s long-term and sustainable positive development.

Social: Our company has a long tradition of giving top priority to taking responsibility for people and society. We look after the people in our environment, support local development and we are involved in many social projects. We cooperate internally and externally with the aim of taking high social and moral responsibility based on respect, transparency, tolerance and mutual esteem.