Yogurt products

Pectin in firm set and stirred yogurt products – An alternative to milk dry solids

Firm set and stirred yogurt products – natural or with fruits – are a large product group extremely popular with consumers in which very high quality demands are placed. Due to increased nutrition awareness the trend is moving towards fat-reduced products with high demands regarding the taste, appearance and consistency.

Yogurt cultures, formulations and the manufacturing technology are all very significant for the quality of yogurts and yogurt products. The three-dimensional network – the casein gel – which is formed during fermentation of milk by structural alteration of proteins shows a rather weak structure and tends towards serum discharge, mainly in fat-reduced products, the so called syneresis.

Pectin contributes to the structure improvement of yoghurt products. Furthermore, pectin as a water soluble hydrocolloid, forms highly hydrated zones and provides the yogurt product with a considerable higher creaminess. This creamy texture improves the mixing behavior of fruits or fruit preparations thereby smooth products with glossy surfaces are obtained.

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